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HostGator Coupon Code

Are you looking for a HostGator Coupon code?. Well if the answer is yes then we are here to help you out. As you read further in this article we will be sharing some of the top Coupon Code For HostGator that you can use. Also, we will not be just sharing Hostgator Promo Code or talk about Hostgator Offers. But we will also give you an overview of the hosting company and its plans. We will be talking about Hostgator's web hosting features. In addition, we will be sharing some of the biggest pros and cons of the hosting company. So at the end of the article, you will have enough idea about the web hosting company.

HostGator Coupon

HostGator Coupon Code

Well as you already know whenever it comes to the best web hosting providers, Hostgator is a common name that we usually get to see on different websites. Talking about the Hostgator we have to mention that the hosting company is not just best in the business web hosting providers but it is also one of the reliable yet cheapest web hosting provider that exists on the internet. However, still, there are quite a lot of questions that need to be asked. Such as, how good the web hosting provider is? Which HostGator Coupon code should I use to get the best Hostgator Discount? And at the end why we basically should choose to host our website with Hostgator?. Well if you have the similar questions running through your head then sit down and read on. With this piece of article, we will be answering all these questions. So you can get a better idea of their services and make a purchase decision using a HostGator Hosting Discount. However, before we really start answering the questions, let's just talk about the Hostgator at first. So let's just head into the topic without wasting much of the time.

About HostGator.

Hostgator is one of such web hosting companies that are in the business for a quite long time and has a huge customer base all over the globe. They offer quite a lot of web hosting plans, which you may feel a need of using. The company was started in the year of 2002 which makes the company the oldest web hosting provider on this planet. Also, they do not just offer lots of web hosting packages but it also offers those services at an affordable pricing.  This makes the web hosting company the first choice of most beginners website creators or bloggers.  However just in case if you are wondering which type of services Hostgator offers, then there is a dedicated section of this article where you will get the information:

About HostGator Web Hosting Services.

As mentioned above, the hosting company offers quite a lot of services that you will feel a need of while starting and running a website. Such as Shared Windows, Linux and open source web hosting. Just in case if you are planning to host a WordPress website then, they also offer WordPress hosting. They also offer Linux KVM virtual private servers VPS hosting. Apart from the VPS and Shared web hosting, Hostgator also offers Linux, Windows and Managed Dedicated servers, cloud hosting and reseller hosting. On the website, you will also find services like Business Email, Code Guard, Digital Certificates such as SSL and so on. Also, you will be able to register a domain with the Hostgator. However, it is not advisable to choose Hostgator as a domain registrar. As the company does not offer any HostGator Coupon for domains also the domain registration price is quite higher than the other companies. So consider choosing websites like GoDaddy to register a domain and later updating the default nameservers. However now let's just talk about the pricing and features that Hostgator's different plans has. So here we go:

? HostGator Web Hosting Plans & Features.

Hostgator has quite a lot of plans and each of them is divided into three or 4 categories. Also talking about the HostGator Hosting Discount, well without using the Hostgator Hosting Coupons you will only get a Hostgator Discount if you purchase hosting plans for at least 5 years. Else, there are no such discounts that you get without using a Coupon Code For HostGator.

1. Linux Shared Hosting + Hostgator Coupon

Anyway coming to the web hosting plans features, well at first we will be starting with the Linux shared hosting plans. Well, the Linux shared hosting plans are divided into 3 categories such as Hatchling, Baby and Business plan. Three of the plans comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and emails. However, with the baby and business plan, you can host unlimited domains. But with the baby plan, you can only host a single website. Also apart from these features, the business plan comes with a free dedicated IP and a free SSL. However, there is no free domain included with any of the Linux shared web hosting plans.

2. Windows Shared Hosting + Hostgator Coupon

Moving to the Windows Hosting plans, well this category is divided into two categories, which are the Personal and Enterprise plan.   Well, both of the windows hosting categories offering unlimited disk space, bandwidth and emails. However, with the enterprise plan, you will be able to host up to 5 domains and you are also getting a dedicated IP and a free SSL. But with the personal windows hosting plan, you will not get any dedicated IP or free SSL also you can only host one single website. At the end, there is no free domain included with the windows hosting plans.

3. WordPress Hosting + Hostgator Coupon

Now coming to the WordPress hosting plans, well the WordPress hosting category is too divided into 4 categories. Such as the Starter, Performance and Standard. Three of the web hosting plan almost sports the same features with some changes. Talking about the changes, with the Starter plan you are getting a Dual Core CPU Core and 2 GB of RAM also you will get 5 GB of Web Storage. It can also handle visitors up to 25K per month and offers maximum one WordPress installation. With the performance plan, you will get the support of installing 2 WordPress and it comes with 20 GB of web space. The hosting plan also comes with a Quad Core CPU Core and 4GB of RAM, which can handle visitors up to 200K per month.

Coming to the last plan, well the last plan can handle up to 300k visitors per month and comes with 6 GB of RAM and Hexa Core CPU Core. Also, you will get 40 GB of storage and install up to 3 installations. Apart from these things, three of the WordPress hosting plan comes with unlimited email accounts and pre-installed jetpack and Mojo marketplace WordPress plugin.

4. Linux KVM Plans + Hostgator Coupon

Talking about the Linux KVM plans, well this category is divided into 4 categories, and the categories are Snappy, Snappy 4000, Snappy 6000 and the Snappy 8000. Four of the Linux KVM plans comes with different features and pricing. So let's just talk about them one by one:

At first talking about the Snappy, with this hosting plan you will get 2 Core CPU and 2 GB of RAM also you will be getting 30 GB of Disk Space. The Snappy plan also offers 1 free dedicated IP and offers 1TB of bandwidth.

Talking about the Snappy 4000, the web hosting plans come with the same 2 Core CPU as the Snappy plan but with 4 GB of RAM. In addition, you are getting 60 GB of Disk Space and 2 TB of Bandwidth. Also with this plan, you will be getting 2 Free Dedicated IP.

Coming to the Snappy 6000 plan, well this one comes with a 3 Core CPU and 6 GB of RAM. Also, you are getting web storage of 120 GB and you can use up to 3 TB of Bandwidth. Also just like the Snappy 4000 you will be getting 2 Free Dedicated IP.

At the end, we have the Snappy 8000 which comes with 4 Core CPU and 8 GB of RAM. Also, you can use up to 240 GB as the disk space which comes with 3 TB of Bandwidth. At the end just like the Snappy 4000 and Snappy 6000 plan you will be getting 2 Free Dedicated IPs.

5. Linux Dedicated Servers + Hostgator Coupon

The Linux Dedicated Servers is divided into 4 categories, which are the basic, standard, elite and pro. So let's just have a quick look at each of the plan.

At first starting with the Basic plan, well it comes with an Intel E3-1220LV2 and 2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT. In addition, the plan features, 4 GB of RAM and 1000 GB of HDD in RAID 1. The web hosting plan also offers 5 TB of Transfer and 2 Free IPs.

Up next we have the Standard plan, the plan comes with Intel E3-1265LV2 and 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT. ALso just like the basic plan it offers 4 GB of RAM and 1000 GB of HDD in RAID 1 and 5 TB Transfer and at the end there are 2 Free IPs are included in the plan.

Up next we have the Elite hosting plan. The elite dedicated hosting plan comes with Intel E3-1265LV2 and 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT. Also, you are getting 8 GB of RAM and 1000 GB of HDD in RAID 1. Apart from these things you are getting the support of 10 TB Transfer and 2 Free IPs.

At the last, we have the Pro plan which comes with, Intel E3-1265LV2 and 3.20 GHz Quad Core w/HT. In addition, it has 16 GB of RAM 1000 GB of HDD in RAID 1 which offers 15 TB Transfer and comes with 2 Free IPs out of the box.

6. Windows Dedicated Servers + Hostgator Coupon

The Dedicated Windows Servers is also divided into four categories. That includes the Win-Basic, Win-Standard, Win-Elite and at the end, we have the Win-Pro. Now let's just talk about each of the plans individually. So you can have a better idea about each of the plan. So here we go:

At first, we have the Win-Basic dedicated hosting plan. This feature comes with Intel E3-1220v3 and 3.10 GHz Quad Core with 4 GB of RAM. Also, you are getting the 1000 GB HDD space in RAID 1 and 1 TB of Transfer. At the end, the plan also has 2 Free IPs.

Up next we have the Win-Standard hosting plan. This one comes with Intel E3-1265v3 and 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT also you are getting 12 GB RAM. The plan also comes with 1000 GB of HDD space in RAID 1 and 1 TB of Transfer. Just like the above-mentioned plan this plan also includes 2 Free IPs.

At the next, we have the Win-Elite windows dedicated hosting. This one also comes with 2 Free IPs. Like the way Win-Basic and Win-Standard windows dedicated hosting plan comes. Talking about the features, well it comes with Intel E3-1265v3 and 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT. You are also getting 20 GB of RAM and 2000 GB of HDD space in RAID 1 and at the end, you are getting 2 TB of Transfer limit.

At the end, we have the Win-Pro windows dedicated hosting plan. This one comes with Intel E3-1271v3 and 3.60 GHz Quad Core w/HT. You are also getting 28 GB of RAM and 2000 GB of HDD space in RAID 1. At the end, you are getting a transfer limit of 2 TB. Also, like the above-mentioned windows dedicated servers plan this one also has 2 Free IPs.

7. Managed Dedicated Servers + Hostgator Coupon

At the end, we have the Managed Dedicated Servers. This section is also divided into 4 parts which are the Basic-M, Standard-M, Elite-M and at the end of this category, we have the Pro-M Managed dedicated servers plan. So let's just look at each of the plans one by one.

At first, we have the Basic-M Managed dedicated server plan. This one comes with Intel E3-1220LV2 and 2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT. Also, you are getting 4 GB of RAM and 1000 GB of HDD space in RAID 1.  You are also getting a transfer limit of 5 TB along with 2 Free IPs.

At the next we have the  Standard-M Managed dedicated server plan. This plan has an Intel E3-1265LV2 and 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT which comes with 4 of GB RAM. With this hosting plan, you will be also getting 1000 GB of HDD space in RAID 1 and transfer limit of 5 TB. At the end, the plan also features 2 Free IPs.

Up next we have the Elite-M Managed dedicated server plan. This Managed dedicated server plan comes with an Intel E3-1265LV2 and 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT. Along with 8 GB of RAM and 1000 GB of HDD space in RAID.

Also, you are getting 10 TB Transfer and 2 Free IPs with this Managed dedicated server plan.

At the end we have the Pro-M Managed dedicated server plan. This one has an Intel E3-1230V2 and 3.20 GHz Quad Core w/HT. In addition to this, it comes with 16 GB of RAM and 1000 GB of HDD space in RAID.

Also, you are getting 2 free IPs along with a transfer limit of 15 TB.

So that was all about the Web Hosting Plans and Features. Hope this one has given you an idea about different Web hosting plans that Hostgator offers. However, we have also excluded a few plans which you can view at the official website of Hostgator. Now coming to the main part where we will be sharing the HostGator Coupon codes that you can use in order to get a new web hosting plan. So here we go:

HostGator Coupons

Well, Hostgator offers a bunch of Coupon Code For HostGator web hosting plans. Also, they do not just offer HostGator Hosting Discount but you will also find the Hostgator Promo Code for other services such as you can get a Hostgator Discount for business email or digital certificates. So let's just talk about each of the HostGator Coupon code individually.

So here we go: Off on Buying Higher Terms Hosting Plans: Well, Hostgator offers 60% Off when you buy a plan for higher terms. In simple words, if you are planning to purchase a web hosting plan for like 3 years, then you have to pay only for 2 years and you will get the last year completely free. So in order to get this offer, you have to you has to enter the "GATOR123" Hostgator Promo Code before placing the order.

However, the plan is for the new customers only. So just in case if you are an existing customer, then you should consider using a new email address.

Hosting Coupon + Offer For Domain:

According to one of the Hostgator Offers there is a 20% off on hosting plus you will get a biz domain at a cheap pricing. For this HostGator Hosting Discount and domain, you have to use the "HGBIZDOM" Hostgator Promo Code before making a purchase.

Again this Hostgator Promo Code is also dedicated to the new customers so make sure you are using an unused email address for Hostgator and you will be good to go.  Also, the minimum term billing period for this offers is one year. So make sure that you are billing for a year or more.

HostGator Coupon For Shared , Reseller, Cloud, & VPS Hosting:

Right now there is a HostGator Sale going on. According to the sale, you will get 205 off on Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting Cloud & VPS Hosting plans. So in order to get this HostGator Hosting Discount you have to apply the "SUNSHINE" Hostgator Promo Code and you will receive a 20% Hostgator Discount on your preferred plan.

However, you should remember that this Hostgator Discount coupon code will only work for the new customers or with the emails which have not associated with the Hostgator yet.

Get Cloud Hosting at a price of shared hosting Using Hostgator Coupon

According to a new HostGator Sale, you can now get a cloud hosting plan at a price of a shared web hosting plan. Talking about the cloud hosting plans, well it is 2x Faster & 4x Scalable than other hosting plans. This makes cloud hosting a perfect solution for business and enterprise users.

Now coming back to the HostGator coupon code the maximum off that you will get on the cloud hosting plan is 30%. So in order to get this offer you have to use the "CLOUD30" HostGator Coupon code. In this case, you also have to remember that this Hostgator Promo Code will only valid for the new customers. So consider you should use a new email address and you will be good to go.

Free SSL Certificate (plus IP) {Hostgator Coupon}

Just in case if you are looking for a web hosting plan that comes with a free SSL certificate and IP address. Then this HostGator Hosting Discount offer is a perfect for you. According to this offer, you will get Free SSL Certificate and IP address along with a web hosting plan. However, the plan is applicable only to the Business Shared Hosting plan and Enterprise Shared Hosting plan.

Also, the offer is applicable to the Business Cloud Hosting Plan. So to get this offer you have to apply the "GATORMDH" coupon code while billing. However, this one does not offer any discount on the web hosting price. So make sure you are checking it out by yourself.

Hostgator Coupon & Discount on Add-on Packages:

Hostgator is also offering a discount on the Add-on Packages. However, the hosting company has not mentioned how much of you will get on services like SSL (Digital Security), Codeguard (Site Backup) and SiteLock (Anti Malware). But if you are purchase three of them at once then there is a Hostgator Discount. So in order to take advantage of this HostGator Sale, you have to apply the "HGADDON" HostGator Coupon code.

So make sure you are checking this offer as well and figuring out how much off you are getting on the plan. Also, remember just like the above-mentioned plans this Hostgator Discount applies to the new customers only. So make sure you are using a new email address which is not used on the Hostgator's website. So that was all for the HostGator Coupon codes.

Simply go ahead and try them one by one and you will get the best deal. However, you should also remember that the hosting company keeps making changes in their coupon codes. So at the time when you will read this article, the coupon code might not be valid. So it is always best to hit the customer care and ask them for hosting coupons and there is a high chance that the company might reward you with a HostGator Coupon code.

Talking about the customer care, well to help you understand better about them. We did a small review of their customer care. So let’s  just head into the review of their customer service without spending much time:

HostGator Customer Support

Talking about the customer support of Hostgator, well I have to say this that when it comes to their customer service it is absolutely best in the business.  You can not just ask them for a HostGator Coupon code. But you can ask for help for so many other web hosting related issues. Also, the best thing about Hostgator is that you can reach to them via chat or email support.

hostgator coupons

You will also see the Hostgator helpline phone numbers on the Hostgator website, so if you want to talk with them then you can use those numbers. Also talking about another good thing about the Hostgator is that the staffs of Hostgator stay online 24x7 which is something really great. So whenever you face a problem or need a support of them you can just talk to them and they will solve your issue at the soonest. So now that you know about their customer support. Let’s come back to the questions which we have asked at the starting of this article. 

At the first of this article, we have asked why we basically should choose to host our website with Hostgator?. Well to answer this question we have did two tests. One of the tests is web hosting performance test and the other one is the website speed test. So let's just talk about each of the tests that we have run individually.  So here we go:

Web Hosting Performance Test:

Well at first, we did the website performance test to know about the capabilities. After running the test we have found that the Hostgator's servers really works the best. While running the Web Hosting Performance Test we have found that the average server responds time is 0.28 secs which is quite fast.

Also in some cases, the average server response time was 0.190 to 0.197. However, this would not be an issue so do not worry about it. In addition, the servers of Hostgator were steadily running and that is something we all the website owners look for. So talking about the answer to the question, well if your main priority is reliable web hosting performance. Then you should definitely go for the Hostgator.

Website Speed Test:

Apart from the web hosting performance, there is another thing that matters the most and the thing is the website loading speed. As you already know that slow website speed is one of the main reasons why most of the website owners loose visitors. Hence for our second test, we did website speed test of Hostgator. In our testing, we have found that the loading speed of the website is decent and you can not say that the results are best in the business. While testing the Hostgator servers we have noticed that the Hostgator was able to load a 737.8KB page in just 3.58 seconds which is quite great.

Also, it is 42% faster than most of the website hosting providers. So overall, you can say that it is pretty decent and it will not disappoint you. However, at the end, you should keep this thing is the mind that a website speed and performance does not completely depend on the web hosting. Website optimization is also playing one of the biggest roles in website speed and performance.

As a result, you may face a slow loading speed even on the fastest web servers. Therefore, if you are optimizing your website in a good way we do not think that you will face a slow loading issue. Well, apart from the website speed and performance there is also one of the main things that matter the most. Talking about the thing, well most of us call in Uptime. If you do not have an Idea how important uptime is then let us tell you.  

Well, most of the website creators and developers consider uptime as the main priority while choosing a web hosting plan. The opposite word stands for the Uptime word is downtime. Which simply means in simple words that if your website is facing downtime then the website is offline due to some server related issues. Talking about the uptime it simply refers to the time when your website is online and anyone can access it. So the question is how good uptime record Hostgator has?.  Well in our next part we have shared the result. So here we go:

How good uptime record Hostgator has?

Well while checking out the uptime status we have noticed that Hostgator offers quite good uptime record. Even during our Hostgator India review, we have found that Hostgator has the best uptime record comparing to the other web hosting providers in the market.

So just in case if you are considering uptime as the main priority while purchasing a web hosting plan. Then Hostgator is definitely a great option and we do think that it would not disappoint you in this section. So these three above mentioned parts are the answer to the question that says "why we basically should choose to host our website with Hostgator?".

Hope the above section has cleared your doubts and answered all the questions that you had in your mind. Now let's just talk about some of the pros and cons of the web hosting company. So you can easily make a purchase decision using the HostGator Coupon code. So here we go:


Hostgator has some nice pros that we thought we should mention. So here is a list of all the pros that we have found:

  • check-circle
    First of all, Hostgator offers reliable hosting. In simple words, HostGator offers a guaranteed uptime record of 99.99%. Also according to the company if you experience downtime below that. Then Hostgator will give you one month credit back to your account.
  • check-circle
    Hostgator offers a money back guarantee of 45 days. Usually, the web hosting provides offers 30 days money back guarantee but with Hostgator, you will be getting a money back guarantee of 45 days. So just in case if you face any issues while running your website with them then you can ask for a refund. Also, it is easy and simple.
  • check-circle
    While choosing any of the plans you can select between monthly and yearly billing periods. However in order to get Hostgator Discount you better bill for a year or more.
  • check-circle
    Hostgator also offers free website migration. So just in case if your website is already hosted with some other hosting provider already then you can ask Hostgator to move your website. Also, you do not have to pay any extra fees to take advantage of this service, which is something really nice. All in all, HostGator is one of the best and leading hosting providers in the market.


Apart from the Pros, Hostgator has some cons that we can not ignore. So here is a list of all the cons that we have found:

  • ban
    There are quite a lot of web hosting provides that offers a free domain with their hosting plans. However, with the Hostgator you will not get any free domain. In addition, the domain registering charges are quite high compared to the other domain registrars.
  • ban
    You only get a huge discount on the web hosting plans when you bill for at least 5 years. However, if you use some HostGator Coupon codes or Hostgator Promo Code you may get a pretty good deal as well.  So do not forget to try out the different Hostgator Discount and trying your luck on different HostGator Sale.
  • ban
    The Price is bit high if we compare it to local hosting providers. Newbies and students can not use this if they are from middle or a poor family. But still it is better than all.
  • ban
    HostGator is not that much secured as the price is higher than local hosting providers. You have to use some security plugins like as; Theme security and if you have sufficient budget then also use Cloudflare DDos service. You can save your blogs from hackers easily. Also, if your blog is hacked then the customer support will ask you a high budget to provide backup file.

So now you have enough idea about the hosting company and about different Hostgator Discount. Now let's just move to the frequently asked questions and answer sections. However, if you are not a beginner then you can leave the page and go ahead with the HostGator Coupon.

Hostgator's Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

However just in case if you have some questions in your head then read on and we will talk about some of the most frequented questions and answers. So here we head into the topic without wasting much of the time:


Well, there are quite a lot of hosting providers that do not allow monthly billing for website packages. But Hostgator does offer monthly billing cycle. You can bill for a month, or for 3 months and the highest monthly billing cycle is 6 months. However, if you choose to bill monthly wise then you may notice different pricing for each of the web hosting plan. Also as we have mentioned earlier that if you bill monthly wise then you will not get any discounts. So make sure you are keeping this thing in your mind.


As we have mentioned in the cons section that Hostgator does not offer any free domain with their web hosting plans. However, there are quite a lot of web hosting companies that offer a free domain with their hosting plan. however, with Hostgator, this is not the case.


Well on Hostgator there are quite a lot of payment options are supported. To make it easier, let us tell you that any Debit or credit card with international transaction capabilities will work with the Hostgator. Also, you can take a help from the PayPal to make the payment.


As we have mentioned that Hostgator offers a money back guarantee of 45 days. This is something really great as most of the web hosting sellers offers a money back guarantee of 30 days. So in order to get a refund, all you have to do is cancel your subscription before 45 days. Or one easy thing that you can do is contacting the customer support by raising a ticket. Also before purchasing a plan, it is advisable to read the terms & conditions of Hostgator. This will give you an idea about the refund policy also you will know if the charge any cancellation fee or not. So make sure you are reading the terms & conditions page.


Are you suffering from finding the best Hostgator plan for your needs? Do you want to know which is the right one among three hosting plans? No worries! I know, it's difficult to choose that what you want. Your mind is still boggling; even you have not purchased a web hosting package. First of all, you need to figure out the requirements, then consult with the technical specifications knowing the person. So Hostgator make this process effortless and straightforward as it can be, the most straightforward steps you need to follow are mentioned below;

  1. Outline your expectations
  2. Take a look at technical options and specifications
  3. Make sure that your path to “upgrade” is wide open


Applying Hostgator discount coupon is pretty much simple and straightforward. If you have Hostgator discount coupon code and you want to take advantage of it which is off to original retail price. Then, follow these steps for getting success in it:


First off, Click here and figure out that what plans you would like to move forward with,


Now select that Hosting plan,


Add that plan to your shopping cart,


Now you have to make progress through the checkout process.

Step-5: Your next step is asked to confirm your payment information Now you have an opportunity to insert a Hostgator Coupon code to take advantage of saving money.

So, this was the simplest way to get a Hostgator discount on your selected plan. You have to keep in your mind one thing is that your Hostgator discount coupon code depends on the order size. The most substantial order will give save money more from the 60% Hostgator discount coupons.

On the other hand, smaller orders will save your money from the $9.94 discount codes. So, I hope that you feel now wholly comfortable moving forward with this checkout process. Wish you understood the discounted hosting plans.

Hostgator Features

hostgator coupons

Everyone wishes to check the main features of the hosting from which they are going to buy it for their website. We have gone through this site completely and finally; we come up with these features which consider worth for any site. Here we have shortlisted the top-notch features of Hostgator. Here we go;

  • The very first and most wanted feature of any web hosting provider is unlimited bandwidth, and Hostgator has it. In here, you can create many email accounts and disk space.
  • Hostgator has set the standard high in a bid to balance excellent service and price, delivering robust hosting capabilities at an exceptional value at a reasonable price.
  • By using this hosting, you can create numbers of subdomain under one hosting account. This will give you benefit when you want to host another site on the same hosting account except buying a new one.
  • It gives you numbers of options with its different hosting packages; you can choose one of them as per your needs. Apart from that, Hostgator also supports international domains, unlimited features indicated above.
  • Hostgator site is a one-stop shop for your basic and essential needs that you need to launch a functional website - easy one-click installations of popular website applications, site builder, and shopping carts for an e-commerce website.
  • Hostgator has awe-inspiring email features. In addition to the webmail option, you can create an unlimited amount of POP3 accounts.
  • Hostgator has autoresponders, catch-alls, mail forwarding, mailing lists, and email aliases.
  • Another the most necessary and needy feature of any hosting provider website is the Spam Assasin which is the additional characteristics of this hosting that catches the attention of the users. The Spam Assasin blocks unwanted junk emails out of your inbox completely.
  • Hostgator provides the built-in tools that are necessary for setting up a new website as fast as possible being a customer-friendly platform such as Joomla, WordPress, and Magento. You can make your site easily by using its built-in CMS.
  • Hostgator has a successful integration of convenient drag-and-drop feature with the service provider’s partnership with Weebly. The Quick-Install application plays a vital role in building a fast website process.
  • Here is another remarkable feature is compatibility that allows the different platform to cater to different needs as per the platform. The platform which runs on Linux, PHP, MySQL, and Apache is compatible with thousands of software in the online community and applications. So, it's simple, wherever you want to start your website or blog, just us a CMS, create start-up your own digital business and create your own photo gallery with Hostgator.
  • If you have specific requirements for compliance that prevent you from using shared servers, expect high volumes of traffic, and required more power, then dedicated server hosting and virtual private server (VPS) are good options to consider it.

When you make a new business site that means you are new to this field, and you need an excellent facilitative hosting that may be comfortable for you. If you have another hosting beside Hostgator, then it will transfer your existing site to the new Hostgator account.

Furthermore, they will configure your existing content for optimal performance on the new platform. It also has the ability to transfer domain registration that you can manage your online portfolio at one place.

HostGator Cost

You can get significant discounts in every event of the year with one and only Hostgator the web hosting company. The Hostgator company always runs discounted services and promotions. Even the undiscounted prices are also reasonable as per the service, it still an attractive entry point. Hostgator has dedicated, and flexible servers are highly cheaper and affordable as compared to other web hosting provider services.

Apart from that, the platform gives a 45 -Day Money Back Guarantee for every plan. That means you can cancel your purchase within 45 days if you are not satisfied with the provided services. Hostgator is hailed as the world's top 10 largest web hosting companies which give you an excellent run for your savings and online business.

It's providing highly flexible plans that are attractive enough to overshadow those offers which are offered by its competitors. It is an essential thing that you can expand your online business with targeted customers, and Hostgator provides it. After getting its Hosting Plans, you are one step ahead to make your site online by using it's built-in CMS effectively.

Hostgator - Easy To Use

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The most pleasant part of any hosting provider service is to provide a client-friendly and highly flexible control panel. Hostgator will send you an email after purchasing its hosting plan which will guide you on how to get started with Hostgator. The billing login link will give you via email that will take you to the customer portal. On the customer portal, you will find all the information regarding options to purchase add-ons, plans, and payment. Here, you will find the tab for domain and account management.


The core purpose of this article is just to give you a Hostgator Discount Coupon directly. So, I am offering a HostGator coupon code (MDCHGCOUPON) for just My Discount Coupons' users that will able to give you the most significant Hostgator discount, approximately 60% off. Have you any doubt about invalid promotions codes? Then your worried situation is useless; we have verified this coupon. You can use it for buying Hostgator web hosting for your existing or newly built website. Many other sites are providing 30% discount for Hostgator hosting plans, but If you use our coupon code, then you can save your hard-earned money. Here are screenshots of other website owners and our too. You can see a big difference when I used Hostgator Coupon Code for other sites while buying a hosting plan.

HostGator Coupon Codes

When You'll Use Our HostGator Coupon Code -

HostGator Coupons

So, You're going to save $139.29 when you buy their hosting plan for three years. Happy Hostgator Discount Coupon.


Here is the step-by-step process to activate this HostGator deal using our best money saving coupon code.


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Hostgator is one of the best and the most established web hosting services which is based in the United States. It has levelled services at deep discounts which they are offering to their all customers and clients.

  1. The basic web hosting services
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting services
  3. The dedicated servers for major projects, initiatives, organisations
  4. An Affiliate and Reseller options that give clients the opportunity to earn money while recommending these top-tier web hosting tools

The most web hosting services a bit of commodity, clients, and customers looking to take the benefit at the lowest possible prices with best services. What Hostgator discount is not always the cheapest provider on the planet, though they are offering elite level values at deep Hostgator discount.

You are still going to be able to work with the people at Hostgator web hosting company by using a Hostgator Discount coupon code during the checkout process if you are committed to moving forward with Hostgator that provides you services at a steep Hostgator discount.

Now it's your turn that you have to find out the Hostgator Discount Coupon codes, then you just need to know that how to apply them during the checkout process.

Final Words!

So that was all about the HostGator Coupon and promo codes. Well just in case if you planning to buy any of the hosting packages from Hostgator. Then do consider purchasing for more than a year or for a year. As this will help you to get some Hostgator Discount. Also, you should know that the HostGator Coupon codes will not work if you bill a plan for less than a year. So make sure you are keeping this thing in your head.

Also to get more information feel free to chat via sales chat option and it will clear all your doubts and give answers to your questions. Also if you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Note: I have got Hostgator coupon code, and that coupon code is - MDCHGCOUPON which is only for users. You can get 60% off by using it. So, Enjoy these money saving Hostgator coupon codes and also tell us which one you used. Wish you a very Good Luck. Enjoy!

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